Welcome to Bee Informed (ADK Bees): An Investigation into Adirondack Bees and Beekeeping! This site explores the role of native, wild bees and domesticated bees in the Adirondacks. We wrap up our thoughts about Adirondack bees with a discussion on the impact of climate change on these bees and how residents and visitors of the Adirondacks can help local bee populations.

Our goal is to spread awareness about bees and make information about local Adirondack bees and beekeeping accessible to the broader public. Humans can connect to bees both through understanding their importance to local ecological communities and food systems, as well as through personal experiences. As you explore the site, we hope you think about their broader significance to us and our planet!

We hope you find our site informative and thought provoking. Bee curious!

Header Picture Reference

“Adirondack Mountains.” Visit Adirondacks, https://visitadirondacks.com/about/mountains.