Project By: Lucie Steig & Zaara Rehman

We decided to focus our project on Rockwell Kent in the Adirondack region. Kent was an illustrator and artist who became famously known for his realism artwork. We looked at many different artists throughout the semester, and Kent was one of the most fascinating artists in the Adirondack region. He often traveled and created art from many different areas around the world. However, he spent his later years in the Adirondack region creating landscape art. Rockwell Kent was an artist, but he was also a social activist who expressed his extremist views on politics. This complicated his profession as an artist as many people and galleries were critical and disapproving of his views. Kent’s political backlash led him to seek solitude in the Adirondack region, which was where he experienced artistic creativity and made some of his most famous Adirondack works. The beauty and complexity of his artwork are primary reasons why Kent is one of the most fascinating artists from the Adirondack region.

Adirondack Farm: Winter, 1959